Alice Ridley is an artist based in Suffolk who strives to provide beauty through the medium of oil and watercolour. 

Alice's loose, yet tightly detailed style really captures the flowers at their best which is why her Flowers Collection are her most sort after work.  Even the smallest paintings come alive with her use of brushstroke.  She manages to really concentrate and depict the beauty of the texture, colour and delicacy of her subject.

Roses in glass bottle
Cosmos 2
Anemones Still Life
Sweet peas
Sorry guys but I decided to repost this
Daffodils, Lemons and Cornish Milk Jug
Cosmos 1




Whether it's working from live sittings or favourite photographs Alice's portraits are sought after for the way she captures the unique character of her subjects in oil and charcoal.

Indian Man
Caitlin and Sophie
Joss the landlord
The Triplets
Stewart and Louis


One of Alice's great passions is still life.  She enjoys capturing nature at it's best.  The textures, light and colours intrigue her and you can see this in every brush stroke.  
To see her latest still life paintings for sale please browse her recent work

Suffolk Radishes
Finished these daffodils, jug and tile o
Hotwheel car line up
Morning Grapefruit
Large Cream Jug with Feathers.jpg
Delicious Tangerines
Tomatoes in a Bowl


Following a hugely successful exhibition of her Essex landscapes Alice continues to paint the countryside she loves.  Some of these paintings can be seen in her recent works alongside others created for those inspired by her work to commission paintings of the scenes they love themselves.

Tracks in the Snow by Battersea Power St
The sun rising in Woodbridge
Suffolk Fields with crows
A Grey Day on the River Deben
Blackwater Barges.jpg
Hout Bay.jpg
The Misty River Deben
Rowing Boat


Fur or feathers are at the centre of some of Alice's most popular artworks: animal portraits that capture the lively personalities of the creatures in our lives.

Bumble Bee
Barn Owl
Mrs Chicken.jpg

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